10 May 2012

Summer Reading Policy and Instructions

Catholic High School í Summer Reading Policy and Instructions
Spring 2012

The mission of the CHS summer reading program is:

Œ« to encourage a love of reading by providing selections that not only have literary merit but are engaging and relatable as well.
Œ« to foster the critical thinking and writing skills our students need to be successful. 
Œ« to teach students to engage in constructive dialogue that is respectful, honest, and mature.

In addition to the íÍBig Readíñ selection, which is a specific book to be read by all members of the CHS community, each student is required to choose two books from the approved list according to his grade level.  Those books specifically reserved for upperclassmen typically deal with more mature themes, language, and/or situations or are written at a more advanced reading level and are not recommended for our younger students. 

Upon each studentí´s return to school in August, teachers will guide classes through assignments, projects, and discussions which assess a studentí´s engagement with the summer reading program, cultivate oral and written communication skills, and foster community.

Suggestions for additions to next yearí´s list are encouraged and appreciated.

The English department encourages each parent, as the young maní´s first and most influential teacher, to be involved in your soní´s book selection, read with him this summer, and engage him in meaningful conversation.


Œ« Everyone purchase and read the Big Read selection:  The Heart and the Fist by Eric Greitens
Œ« Using the enclosed list, select, purchase and read two other books from those approved for your grade level.
Œ« Enjoy, and come to CHS in August ready to engage the material with your teachers and classmates.

**We have removed the book Three Cups of Tea from the summer reading list.  Its inclusion on the list was an oversight, as the truthfulness of the account in the book, as well as the associated charityí´s fiscal responsibility and financial transparency, have come under significant question.

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