07 Sep 2014

Swim Teams Kicks Season Off with a Win

The CHS swim team started the season with its first victory of the year on Saturday, September 6 at Crawfish Aquatics.

The final result was:
1. Catholic High School 467
2. Baton Rouge High School 122
3. Episcopal High School 99
4. U-High 90
5. EAHS-La 73
6. Denham Springs Swim Team 61
7. Central Wildcats 36
8. Parkview Baptist School 32
9. St. Thomas Aquinas High School 31
10. Lee Magnet High School 9

See the Crawfish Aquatics site for full results.

Individuals in the top 4 for the Bears:
200 Freestyle
1st place Braden Nyboer
2nd place Lance Michael Rodriguez
3rd place Connor Futch
4th place Will de la Bretonne

200 IM
1st place: Nick Seagraves
2nd place: Jonathan McKeough
3rd place: Connor Waits
4th place: Sam Gianfala

50 Free
1st place: Colin Bone
2nd place: Brady Grenfell
3rd place: Tico Plater

100 Fly
1st place: Brady Grenfell
2nd place: Colin Bone
4th place: Braden Nyboer

100 Free
1st place: Nick Seagraves
2nd place: Nick Romero
3rd place: Lance Michael Rodriguez
4th place: Will de la Bretonne

100 Back
1st place: Connor Futch
2nd place: Matt Comeaux
4th place: Sion Cavana

100 Breast
1st place: Jonathan Mckeough
2nd place: Nick Romero
3rd place: Brennan Burke

New State Meet qualifiers for the Bears:
200 Free: Braden Nyboer, Lance Michael Rodriguez, Connor Futch
200 IM: Nick Seagraves
50 Free: Colin Bone, Brady Grenfell, Tico Plater
100 Fly: Brady Grenfell, Colin Bone, Braden Nyboer
100 Free: Nick Seagraves, Nick Romero, Lance Michael Rodriguez
100 Back: Connor Futch, Matt Comeaux, Sion Cavana
100 Breast: Jonathan Mckeough, Nick Romero

For additional highlights see The Advocate.

The Swim Team will compete again on Friday, September 12 in Mobile, Alabama in the Mobile McGill-Toolen Coast Invitational.  The meet begins at 2 p.m.