13 Oct 2013

Swimming Bears Improve to 4-0 on Season

The CHS Swim Team improved its overall record to 4-0 on Saturday October 12 at Ketchum Fitness Center.

CHS won every event and swept the top three spots in six out of 11 events. In five individual events CHS achieved perfect scores for an event by winning the top four spots. James Chastain (200 Free), Nick Seagraves (50 and 100 free), Connor Futch (200 IM), Christian Lemoine(100 Breast), Nick Romero(100 Breast) and Matt Comeaux(100 back) achieved new state meet cuts. Colin Bone (50 Free/100 Fly) and Braden Nyboer (200 IM/500 Free) were double winners for the Bears.

The swim team will compete in its last regular season meet on Sunday, October 20 at Ketchum Fitness Center, with races beginning at 1:30 p.m.

Final team scores for the meet were Catholic High, 646 points; Episcopal, 296 points; U High, 236 points; Walker, 229 points; Central, 199 points; and St. Amant, 133 points.

Individuals placing for the Bears were:

200 Medley Relay

1st Place: Nick Seagraves, Alex Goay, Colin Bone, Graham Gardner
2nd Place: Matt Comeaux, Jonathan McKeough, Jackson Forbes, Chase Brouillette
7th Place: Davis Bourg, Carter Richardson, Jacob Leger, Brooks Richardson

200 Freestyle

1st Place: Brady Grenfell
2nd Place: Lance Michael Rodriguez
3rd Place: Nick Romero
4th Place: James Chastain
6th Place: Matt Miyagi
8th Place: George Getz

200 IM
1st Place: Braden Nyboer
2nd Place: Connor Futch
3rd Place: Matt Frederic
7th Place: Will de la Bretonne
10th Place: Carter Richard
11th Place: Jason Francioni

50 Free
1st Place: Colin Bone
2nd Place: Graham Gardner
3rd Place: Nick Seagraves
4th Place: Chase Brouillette
5th Place: Tico Plater
6th Place: Luke Richardson
7th Place: Michael Paul Bienvenu
8th Place: Brennan Burke
10th Place: Alex Landry
12th Place: Duffy Duncan
13th Place: Will de la Bretonne
14th Place: Alex Goay
16th Place: Sam Barton
19th Place: Jacob Leger
20th Place: Davis Bourg
22nd Place: Blake Mancuso
23rd Place: Christian Lemoine
24th Place: Andrew Ford
25th Place: Brendan Hardin
27th Place: John Michael Bankhead
28th Place: Stephen Bienvenu
29th Place: Connor Waits
33rd Place: Jack Lopoo
35th Place: Jason Francioni
38th Place: Nick Thompson
100 Fly
1st Place: Colin Bone
2nd Place: Brady Grenfell
3rd Place: Jackson Forbes
4th Place: Graham Gardner
5th Place: Brennan Burke
7th Place: Jackson Marcin
8th Place: James Chastain
9th Place: Luke Richardson
100 Free
1st Place: Nick Seagraves
2nd Place: Lance Michael Rodriguez
3rd Place: Jackson Forbes
4th Place: Tico Plater
5th Place: Jonathan McKeough
6th Place: Chase Brouillette
7th Place: Mathew Root
11th Place: Matt Comeaux
500 Free
1st Place: Braden Nyboer
4th Place: Brendan Hardin
5th Place: Matt Miyagi
7th Place: George Getz
200 Free Relay
1st Place: Brady Grenfell, Jackson Forbes, Lance Michael Rodriguez, Nick Romero
2nd Place: Tico Plater, Chase Brouillette, James Chastain, Matt Frederic
7th Place: Sam Barton, Jack Lopoo, Stephen Bienvenu, Alex Landry
100 Back
1st Place: Connor Futch
3rd Place: Matt Comeaux
6th Place: Matt Root
8th Place: Davis Bourg
10th Place: Alex Landry
11th Place: Jacob Leger
13th Place: Stephen Bienvenu
100 Breast
1st Place: Alex Goay
2nd Place: Matt Frederic
3rd Place: Christian Lemoine
4th Place: Jonathan McKeough
5th Place: Nick Romero
6th Place: Michael Paul Bienvenu
13th Place: John Michael Bankhead
14th Place: Brooks Richardson
400 Free Relay
1st Place: Nick Seagraves, Connor Futch, Jonathan McKeough, Colin Bone
2nd  Place: Brady Grenfell, Graham Gardner, Nick Romero, Lance Michael Rodriguez
3rd Place: Braden Nyboer, Mathew Root, Matt Comeaux, James Chastain