Technology Goals

Students at Catholic High develop the 21st century skills needed to become successful in their academics, their future careers and the world around them. The following skills are incorporated within our educational vision:


  • Use of digital tools to gather, evaluate, process and present information
  • Ethical use of all technology
  • Collaborate in physical and virtual environments
  • Communicate effectively
  • Practice self-motivation, self-discipline and lifelong learning
  • Acquire technology competence
  • Use of technology to assist in making informed, ethical and moral decisions
  • Apply critical thinking and practice real world problem solving
  • Develop a self-directed learning characteristic
  • Appreciate and function effectively in the diverse cultures of the global community
  • Use technology to engage in the missionary and evangelization work of the Catholic Church
  • Demonstrate commitment to social justice through awareness and action

21st Century Classroom Characteristics

  • All classrooms are student-centered
  • Teachers guide students in self-directed learning
  • Teachers foster a desire and love of learning
  • Teachers model digital citizenship and responsibility
  • Teachers design, develop and evaluate authentic and diverse learning experiences and assessments
  • Students collaborate with one another in the learning process
  • Students find creative solutions to real world questions and problems
  • Students learn the appropriate use of technology in given settings
  • Students have opportunities to collaborate with others around the world