11 Feb 2015

Tennis Teams Shutout St. Amant and Parkview

The CHS Tennis B Team won all 5 matches (5-0) against St. Amant on Monday, February 9. The student tennis players were Baker Bradley, James Isacks, John Morvant, Grayson Hunt, Jackson Haag, Keith Aldrich and Kennedy Ferachi.

On Wednesday, The CHS Tennis A Team also won all 5 matches against Parkview.  Tennis A players were Nick Watson, Baker Bradley, William Aguillard, Stephen Bienvenu, John Morvant, James Isacks, Grayson Hunt and Kennedy Ferachi.

Up next, the Tennis B Team will compete against Live Oak on Monday, February 23 at Independence and the Tennis A Team will take on Vanderbilt Catholic on Tuesday, February 24 in Houma, Louisiana.