CHS Career Day 2019
31 Jan 2019

The CHS Activities Office and Office of Alumni Relations co-hosted a career day for members of the class of 2019.

More than 30 CHS alumni from various professions returned to campus to speak with students and provide valuable insight into the education and skills necessary to be successful in their respective fields.

Students had the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of professions including banking and finance, computer and information technology, construction and architecture, engineering, entertainment and mass communications, entrepreneurship, real estate, healthcare, law, military service and law enforcement. This was the third event in a series of programs initiated by the CHS Activities Office designed to help our seniors begin to make the transition to college and the professional world.

Earlier this month, LSU Professor Dr. Tommy Karam, spoke to the senior class about how the impressions we make on others can affect how they view us, and focused on ways to ensure that we give the best part of ourselves to people when we interact with them.

Last fall, seniors participated in a panel discussion, and question and answer session which focused on navigating relationships. Students had the opportunity to discuss topics that included: the effects of media on dating culture; dating from both a male and female perspective; and the struggle to maintain moral standards during adolescence.

Banking & Finance Perry Key `78, Maurice Coleman `82
Computer & Info Tech Kyle Harvey `98, George Eldredge Jr. '96
Construction & Architecture Derek Fife `96, Landon Flowers `15, Steve Maher `94, Kevin Alford '99, Stevie Toups `84, Nick Miller `07
Engineering Joey Coco `95, Matt Rouse `94, Bryan Hart '98, Robbie Olivier '96, Steve Berthelot `92
Mass Comm Hunter Territo `03, Chandler Rome `11
Entreprenuership Kyle Jackson '07, J.P. Ngo `97, Byron Washington `06
Health Care Dr. Brad Culotta `99, Dr. Taylor Sanders `97, Dr. Keith Lorio `86, Dr. Connor Patterson `97, John Paul Luckett `81
Legal Johnny McKay `91, Brandon Fremin `92, Hon. Rich Bourgeois `94, Ed Hardin `86, Justin Mannino `06, David Boneno `87
Law Enforcement & Military Cort Marix `97, Taylor Scrantz `11