06 Apr 2017

Three Catholic High Students Invited To Attend Conference On National Affairs

Three Catholic High students were invited to attend the YMCA Conference on National Affairs as members of the Louisiana Delegation. Senior Ben Smith and juniors Dalton Major and Drake Brignac were selected to be delegates for their debating skills, mastery of public policy and dedication to public service. For senior Ben Smith and junior Drake Brignac, this will be their second time to attend the conference. ÒIt is an honor to be invited and even more of an honor to represent our state and school on a national level,Ó said Major.

The Conference on National Affairs brings together 600 delegates from 45 different states during the week of July 4, to debate proposals that solve national or international issues. Proposals range from reforming the American healthcare system to establishing stronger bilateral relations between the United States and India. Catholic High students have attended nearly every conference over the past 10 years. The conference is run through the YMCAÕs Youth and Government Program. Nearly 400 students participate in the Louisiana state program, out of these students only 25 are invited to attend the conference.