25 Mar 2012

Twenty-One Students Qualify for State in District Literary Rally

Twenty-one Catholic High students achieved scores at District Literary Rally that qualify them for State Rally at LSU in April. 

Placing first at District Rally were Grant Goodrum, Accounting I; Mark Babin, Advanced Math I; Ellis Sartain, Advanced Math II; Benjamin Wiseman, Biology II; Miles Durio, English II; Ethan Beaman, English IV; Thomas Barfield III, Free Enterprise; Ryan McNamara, Journalism I; and Stephen Crosby, World History. 

Finishing second place were Michael Bernhard, Computer Science; Bryan Bonnecaze, French I; and Joshua Campbell, Geometry.

Third place finishers included Hunter Dupr_, Calculus; and Austin Lala, English III.

Also qualifying for participation at State Rally based on their scores were Hunter Rube, fourth in Algebra II; Steven Shumaker, fourth in Biology I; Giuliano Campesi, fourth in Chemistry; Ryan Schexnaildre, fourth in French II; Julien Bourgeois, fifth in English I; David Wroten, fifth in Environmental Science; and Uriah Alexander, fifth in Spanish I.

A school can only send one person per subject to State Rally; therefore, if Catholic High had first and second places in a subject, only the first place student will attend State Rally.