13 Jul 2015

Two Students Represent CHS at Louisiana Boys State

Davis Polito and Chase Brouillette represented Catholic High at Louisiana Boys State at Northwestern State University. While at Boys State, students created a íÍ51st Stateíñ which they would hold elections and govern themselves.

Brouillette was elected Speaker Pro Tempore for the House of Representatives. íÍWhat I took back from it was a better understanding of how our government works and some memorable moments were growing close to many people from all over Louisiana in the short span of a week,íñ said Brouillette.

Polito was the keynote speaker for the nationalist party, which means he was second for his partyí´s nomination, and was also elected parish party chairman and mayor. íÍOverall it was a great experience. The late nights working on not only my speeches but my fellow citizensí´ speeches will not soon be forgotten. Although I didn’t achieve what I wanted (governor) when it was all said and done the experience of running was better than winning could have been,íñ said Polito.