05 Apr 2017

Ultimate Team Selling Boiled Crawfish As Fundraiser For Nationals

On Friday, April 7, the CHS Ultimate team will be selling boiled crawfish prepared by TramonteÕs Local Meat and Seafood Market to raise money for the team to attend a national ultimate tournament.

The CHS Ultimate team has been invited to the inaugural National High School Invite. A tournament that pits the top 16 teams in the country against each other in the first attempt at a High School Ultimate national championship in the modern era of youth Ultimate.

The tournament is in Rockford, Illinois, and, as you can imagine, there are plenty of costs associated with making that trip. To raise funds, the team will be hosting a crawfish boil at Catholic High School on Friday, April 7, from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. in the union.

The crawfish will be boiled and prepared by the one and only Mike Tramonte of Tramonte’s Local Meat and Seafood Market. All crawfish are being sold to go so come on down and pick up a sack of 3 lbs. of crawfish, corn and potatoes for only $15. Your participation will help the team get to nationals!

The team has procured 3,000 lbs. of crawfish so there should be plenty for everyone. To streamline the pick-up process, tickets are being sold in advanced and are available now. To purchase tickets, contact Michael Aguilar, CHS Ultimate moderator, at maguilar@catholichigh.org. 

Help support our teamÕs effort by sharing this event with family and friends!