25 Aug 2006

Varsity Bears Dominated St. Michael in Jamboree

The 2006 football season will kick off this Friday when the Bears take on the Hammond Tornados at 7:00 at Olympia Stadium. This game was cancelled last year because of Hurricane Katrina and both teams have high hopes for the coming year. The Bears are anxiously awaiting the game to see the product of their hard work.

The hard work of the football over the summer culminated with the ‘Top Bear’ competition. This is a four day weightlifting event where the players max out on their core lifts (Clean, Snatch, Squat, and Bench) and get timed in the 40y dash. Players achieve certain levels based on their performance; the highest level is Black or Top Bear. This years Top Bear recipients were: Jason Peters, Danny Hollier, Kyle Free, and Jeremy Stewart (all Seniors). The following is a list of the top 5 performers in each weightlifting category:

Clean Snatch
Jason Peters 355 Jason Peters 245
Danny Hollier 290 Danny Hollier 210
Jeremy Stewart 280 Josh Zumo 210
Josh Zumo 275 Kyle Free 200
Matt Broha 270 Logan Roubique 200
Logan Roubique 270

Bench Squat
Jason Peters 315 Danny Hollier 435
Ooby Williams 315 Brad Cranmer 435
Kyle Free 310 Kyle Free 430
Brad Cranmer 300 Jason Peters 425
Logan Roubique 290 Steven Bosworth 425

Jason Peters 1345
Kyle Free 1200
Danny Hollier 1180
Jeremy Stewart 1170
Logan Roubique 1170

After a great summer of weightlifting, the team started the preseason competition with a scrimmage against Arch Bishop Rummel of New Orleans. This was the sixth year in a row that the traditional powers

The Bears looked strong in the controlled action. The first defense dominated the play allowing only four first downs (one on a pass interference call) and zero scores. The Bears D-Line, Jason Peters, Kyle Free, Ooby Williams, and Matt Broha, dominated the line-of-scrimmage. Broha lead the group with three sacs and two tackles behind the line. Todd Lee and Nathan Arceneaux had key pass deflections and Thomas Broussard picked off one attempt. The only scoring drive by the Raiders came against the Bears second unit, and that was sparked by a run of 65y.

The first offense matched the defense’s intensity. Jeremy Stewart led the way for the offense with two rushing touchdowns (14y, 51y), while Todd Lee tacked on one more (2y). Quarterback Ryan Lewis was accurate all night and delivered the ball most frequently to WR’s Darren Lucy, Matt Sinclair, and Thomas Broussard. Red Minor provided a physical running presence and looked great on short pass routs out of the backfield. Total Yards for the Bears was 280; the final outcome was Bears 20 Rummel 6.

The All Catholic Jamboree took place this past Friday night and the Bears looked impressive as they beat St. Michael’s by a score of 41-0. All phases of the game looked strong for the Bears and created a tough match-up for the Warriors.

Red Minor, and Jeremy Stewart had two rushing touchdowns and Todd Lee and Nolan Avant both finished with one. The offensive line gave Ryan Lewis plenty of time to throw the ball and he did with long pass completions to Darren Lucy and Thomas Broussard. Back up quarterback D.J. Ponder led the team on two scoring drives in the second half and sophomore Collin McGinty closed out the game.

The defense set the tone for the upcoming season by not allowing a single first down and limiting the Warriors to -4y of total offense. Big hits highlighted the night and the physical nature of the team was impressive. Matt Broha and Jason Peters controlled the interior and Thomas Broussard, Chris Gremillion, and Andrew Minvielle flowed unimpeded to the ball all night.

The real season kicks off this Friday night. The goals for the team are set high and the excitement around campus is brewing. Please support the team and get a ticked early at the CHS bookstore. Also, please frequent this website to get coverage of all the sports that are in action during the fall. Weekly updates should keep you posted on what is new with all the teams.

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