22 Sep 2013

Varsity Bears Shut Out Denham Springs

The CHS Varsity Football Team shut out Denham Springs 34-0 on Friday, September 20 at Olympia Stadium.

The Bears and Yellow Jackets kept it a tight game with the first quarter ending with the teams tied at 0-0. The Bears scored with only a few minutes remaining in the half to put the score at 7-0 at halftime.

The Bears returned to the field and took charge on both offense and defense. The CHS offense moved down the field repeatedly to bring the score to 34-0 in the final two quarters. The Bears defense played aggressively, rendering the Jackets scoreless. Danny Cameron and Cade Melancon each made an interception.

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The Varsity Bears will take on Rummel at Joe Yenni Stadium in Metairie on Saturday, September 28. Click here to read more information about Saturdayí´s game