29 Mar 2015

Varsity Ultimate Team Places Fifth in Terminus Tournament

The Varsity Ultimate team went 5-2 this weekend and finished fifth out of 16 teams at the Terminus Tournament in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Varsity team is on the edge of competing at a higher level as far as high school Ultimate goes. For two straight tournaments, the team has relatively easily dispensed of any competition outside of the semifinal level. For the remainder of the school year the team will be working on taking the few steps remaining to improve and break through to a top four finish at Regionals in May.

íÍThat improvement is the same type of improvement that we need to make in order to win the State Championship. We are now in the home stretch of our season and have only small tweaks and changes to make in preparation for actualizing our potential at the end of the season,íñ says Ultimate coach Michael Aguilar.

The JV team went 5-2 and finished second out of eight. The team once again showed that Catholic has a bright future ahead of it by dominating lesser competition and grinding out victories against equal competition.

The JV team also showed grit by avenging a Saturday loss to Brookwood High School in bracket play on Sunday. The JV team played three straight double-game-point finishes on Sunday to lose narrowly to Paideia High School in the championship game.