28 Oct 2013

Varsity Ultimate Team Wins St. Paul’s Tournament

The CHS varsity and JV Ultimate teams competed in the St. Paulí´s Beowulf tournament on Saturday, October 26 at St. Paulí´s School in Covington.

The Varsity team took home the championship by going undefeated throughout the day. The team dominated competition during the first four games and finished the day with a hard-fought victory over the host team.

íÍI am extremely proud of our new senior and junior classes,íñ commented CHS Ultimate Head Coach Michael Aguilar. íÍOur new upperclassmen stepped into their new roles wonderfully, and I have no doubt that we will continue to grow through the year.íñ

The JV team took home its first win of the season against the Rummel varsity team. This marks the earliest in the season a CHS JV team has beat another schoolí´s varsity squad.