Visual Identity

A Word from our President

Catholic High School has been educating the minds and forming the hearts of young men in the charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart since 1894. In order to honor this rich and storied tradition, a comprehensive branding and style guide has been developed to direct the visual standards of the school. Providing a consistent and comprehensive visual identity that is progressive and bold, this guide will assist in enhancing and promoting the public image of our school and it’s mission. The management of these standards will fall under the Office of Advancement, with the implementation directed by the Office of Communications.

If you have any questions regarding these visual identity standards, or would like a copy of this guide, please contact Richard Beaugh, Director of Communications, at 225.383.0397, ext. 123 or at

Gerald E. Tullier

  • Colors

    Primary Colors (Official School Colors)

    Pantone® Orange 021C

    C:0% M:82% Y:98% K:0%

    *RGB 241, 85, 37

    *Hex #F15525;

    Pantone® Black

    C:72% M:66% Y:65% K:73%

    *RGB 33, 33, 33

    *Hex #212121;


    C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:0%

    *RGB 255, 255, 255

    *Hex #FFFFFF;

    Secondary Colors

    Dark Gray

    C:56% M:48% Y:47% K:14%

    *RGB 114, 114, 114

    *Hex #727272;

    Medium Gray

    C:29% M:23% Y:24% K:0%

    *RGB 182, 182, 182

    *Hex #B6B6B6;

    Light Gray

    C:8% M:6% Y:7% K:0%

    *RGB 230, 230, 230

    *Hex #E6E6E6;

    Disclaimer: Due to the inconsistent nature of computer monitors, the colors displayed here may not be an accurate representation of the official school colors. When specifying colors please refer to the Pantone or Hex number for accurate color reproduction.
  • Logos


    Chs primarylogo


    Chs compositelogo
    Composite - Full Color

    Single Color

    Chs compositelogo black
    Composite - Orange
    Chs compositelogo black 0674a3c1721750be1737a50c18c4b29fe2a321e6c7e075fc4c6c8c2d5fec66e3
    Composite - Black
    Chs composite white thumbnail 533f1f35bd2ec1a63b7f011d2d05d7b80d32543e49fc40558ef9ed6fb7a00312
    Composite - White

    Composite + Wordmark

    Chs logo wordmark bab037f9ee90386dd7f15878b3e424e69a94747a669df86cf3396e37c2a6ec25
    Composite + Wordmark

    Horizontal Composite

    Chs compositelogo horizontal ac4a3edb53f9547ba82f3402df44a7933e3d3c0827397d3a33d0fe6b56815272
    Horizontal Composite
  • Supporting Elements


    Chs cross orange a1a0362b937d61a7ece2a817110fa132fc347cf9a36f855a781dc83ae4d9fde1

    Sacred Heart

    Chs sacredheart 25b59ac94ddfba4826a86e96f8f3115ff09615afbc6f61393e6e03295b751e03
    Sacred Heart

    Ametur Cor Jesu

    Chs slogan ameturcorjesu 92d16b58e4ff38f765d4e140cb0b58679dff1ca665f71892cd5c95db37512d5b
    Ametur Cor Jesu


    Chs tagline dd1121ff47de9f22c27bb42c411b3bd0de3c5fc5b7d3d869bdea69da1d798ac9
  • Letterman C

    Letterman C

    Chs lettermanc 33250ad357f8f0138bbdde8b8fc7a19fe6dc2024c3a133430370467f5e1c3308
    Letterman C
    Chs lettermanc black f8f4a5b8318884c5a69a7c08ee98a130532b318022ec24286c2c0f64c1487dab
    Letterman C - Black
  • Bear Mascot

    Bear Mascot - Color

    Chs bear orangestroke cb9fd92547248774f992eebb49a36112e28702cdccca61acfd51f2678e969beb
    Full Bear - Orange Stroke
    Chs bear whitestroke 3f21d0279c3a4388834f4ac65691dfffd4cf5698d60a1654eee8e3ffd7b91d5b
    Full Bear - White Stroke
    Chs bearhead orangestroke 9837a6b1f52a1bbb3336f871e903d5e54939e2a39d8c76b7558b9ba281b690ed
    Bear Head - Orange Stroke
    Chs bearhead whitestroke d5b4e28cfcb205c399914859b42713593d499245855a9b986e84d15ff2392082
    Bear Head - White Stroke

    Bear Mascot - Black & White

    Chs bear black 16d3070045356eea4afdf27dbec2ef8066cb63779d9649f7fdae2b7cc386c6f2
    Full Bear - Black & White
    Chs bearhead black e25397e8591f3d46fc90f73cdae78b9dc5bc499377db9a2db2d8eb5eefeb5d2c
    Bear Head - Black & White
  • Fonts


    Gothambook 374628eb3fef54bd5f2f62c9d457535a5c63136b2edc90ccf5ac6235a44378ba
    Gotham Book

    San Serif Type

    Lora 1d09d4ff51fee0425ead5e4f4cf8debe667a5e8b0b173b6f4fcf2c0827ad2950

    Serif Type

    Universcondensed ac0afa0eb977be2bb73bae5d22ae7a463f3f9c08ea9bad82f69ab4af1e924a4c
    Univers Condensed

    San Serif Condensed Type