25 Jan 2006

Wrestling Team Gave Dominating Performance Over St. Amant

The Wrestling team improved their dual meet record to 15-2 with a dominating performance last night over the St. Amant Gators. The varsity team did not lose a single match and conclude the event with a 70 ‘ 0 score. The crowed was entertained the whole night, but the 130 lbs division and the heavy weight division provided the most exciting matches.

In the 130 lbs division, Trent Fresina trailed 3-4 going into the 3rd period. He hit a reversal with 1:15 left in the match and went ahead 5-4. Trent road out the rest of the period with out giving up an escape and finished the grueling match victorious. Adam Bertrand, in the heavy weight division, had to take on an opponent who he had already lost to earlier in the year. It was up to him to preserve the shut-out for the team, and he came through with a tremendous effort. In the third round of the match, Adam chose the down position and did not expose his back for the entire two minutes. The match concluded with Bertrand winning a close 5-4 decision.

Individual results are as follows:
103 L. Alexander (Winner) Pinned
112 B. Town (Winner) Pinned
119 J. Falcon (Winner) Pinned
125 A. Hurst (Winner) 12-7
130 T. Fresina (Winner) 5-4
135 K. Kleinpeter (Winner) Pinned
140 R. Credo (Winner) 16-7
145 B. Parenton Forfeit
152 S. Boudreaux 11-4
160 J. Lambert Pinned
171 T. Harvey Pinned
189 K. Cobbing Pinned
215 D. Bujol Pinned
HVW A. Bertrand 5-4.

Up next for the Bears, the Brusly Duals. Action will take place at 9:00 am on Saturday in the Brusly gym.