27 Apr 2017

WWII Veteran Speaks To Social Studies Students

On Wednesday, April 26, World War II veteran Dr. David H. Fisher Sr. of Jennings, La. came to speak to several social studies classes about his experiences as a radio operator on a B-29 bomber during World War II. Fisher spoke during lunch periods about his 22 combat missions over Japan during 1945. He was one of 11 members of Crew 55 ÒRound Trip TicketÓ(name of the B-29 they flew) in the 20th Air force, 314th Bomber Wing, of the 39th Bomb Group in the United States Army from May 1945 – September 1945. He has served his country with a total of 351 hours 35 minutes in bombing and POW supply drop missions over Japan. 

Fisher imparted his knowledge about World War II and life in general to the young men of CHS in an effort by the social studies department to bring firsthand accounts of true American heroes to students of CHS. This year the department has organized a senior field trip to the D-Day museum in New Orleans and had 2 members of the Army War College at CHS to speak to the students. 

ÒIt was a true honor to have such a man on campus to speak directly to the students in my American History class,Ó said Doug Logsdon ’02, CHS faculty member. ÒWorld War II veterans and the sacrifices they made to keep our country safe cannot be underestimated. As the number of World War II vets dwindles each day, it is important to remember their sacrifice, and when possible have them speak directly to the students. Their stories of the war and life make a lasting impact on the people they come in contact.Ó